Service Times

We celebrate the Eucharist three times a week:

8am Sunday - Said Eucharist

10am Sunday - Choral Eucharist           

The fourth Sunday of the month the 10 am service is Power Point

10am Wednesday - Said Eucharist (held in the Chapel of the Good Shepherd)



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Trinity Anglican Church is blessed to have among its parish members Nancy Mathias, a retired Lutheran Pastor and licensed clinical social worker. In addition to her vast experience as a hospice chaplain, a parish pastor, and a psychotherapist with a specialty in clergy and clergy families, she enjoys writing and teaching the writing of icons in the Russian Orthodox tradition. Nancy has graciously shared some of her icons with the parish, transforming the St Lawrence Room with rich history and elaborate religious symbolism.

As Nancy describes on her website (, in the iconographic tradition, icons are not painted but “written”, in keeping with the Orthodox belief that God speaks through the icon just as God speaks through the Holy Scriptures. The writing of an icon is an ancient and sacred task, with its own language of color and pattern, of which it has been said: “We do not write the icon; the icon writes us.” It has been Nancy's experience that in the writing of an icon, she becomes more aware of her own spiritual and psychological “hang ups” and more open to God’s grace.

Nancy and her husband, Richard, offer retreats at which you can learn to write an icon in the Russian Orthodox tradition, using traditional prayers and techniques, moving from chaos to order, darkness to light, breathing gold leaf onto the icon, and experiencing with each step the spirituality associated with that aspect of the process. If you are interested in learning to write icons, please contact Nancy at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

A selection of Nancy’s icons will remain on display at Trinity Anglican Church until May 31st. You are invited to visit us any time – come view and pray with the icons.

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